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Gastric Sleeve Results and Benefits


Advantages of Gastric Sleeve

As explained previously this procedure has gained tremendous popularity in the last decade and the main reason is that the gastric sleeve results and benefits surpass the ones obtained with less invasive procedures such as the gastric plication or gastric balloon (quitar lo que esta en azul si afecta), giving very similar results in weight loss to much more aggressive ones such as gastric bypass without the need of close follow up.

One of the reasons why gastric sleeve surgery has such a high success rate is because the portion of the stomach that is removed is the portion that produces the hormone “ghrelin”, also known as the hunger hormone.

This procedure allows patients to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet with controlled portions without much sacrifice since the patient develops fullness sensation sooner when eating and for longer periods of time.

Another great advantage of the gastric sleeve when compared to other weight loss procedures is that it is practically maintenance free.

There is no need for monthly or periodic lab tests to measure vitamins, minerals or hemoglobin levels. Remember, since it does not cause any malabsorption of nutrients it does not lead to any nutritional deficiencies.

We list here the main differences, benefits and advantages of Gastric Sleeve.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve  

  • It is a much less invasive bariatric procedure than the bypass or duodenal switch and therefore has a lower morbidity rate
  • It does not involve the placement of a foreign device as in the gastric band.
  • It does not involve any risky stomach or intestinal re-routing.
  • Since there is no re-routing, there is no dumping syndrome.
  • It is the only procedure that involves the removal of the portion of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone “ghrelin,” effectively reducing hunger pangs.
  • Fullness and satisfaction is achieved with just small portions of food.
  • It does not limit or restrict the type of food you are able to eat. You will be able to eat anything in small, healthy portions.
  • The reduced intake of food and lack of hunger leads to gradual and dramatic weight loss!
  • Weight loss won’t be drastic in a very short period of time, letting your body and skin adapt easier to a constant and healthier weight loss pattern.
  • It adjusts to every person’s needs. Even if “adjustments” are neither possible nor necessary, the sleeve is considered a “smart” procedure, which leads patients to their goal weight.
  • No need for uncomfortable pre-operative intestinal or colon cleansing
  • It is maintenance free!

The gastric sleeve results can vary from one patient to another depending on how committed is to the lifestyle change that this surgery represents, in average, you should expect to lose around 70% of the excess weight through period of time between 12 and 18 months after surgery.

Again, this is approximate, many patients under the proper guidance and close contact such as the one you will have with Obesity Free, will get to their goal weight.

Abdominal incision

In addition to the benefits listed above, gastric sleeve surgery is performed laparoscopically. Therefore, the surgery only requires five very small incisions, allowing for minimal post-operative pain and scarring, a quick recovery, and a decreased risk of infection or hernia formation.

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We can perform your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Monterrey, Piedras Negras or Laredo, depending on your preference and budget.

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Dr. Gabriel Rosales, a leading bariatric surgeon in Mexico and head of Obesity Free, is focused on the surgical treatment of patients who have struggled with excess weight for years. For Dr. Rosales, there is no better reward than having a satisfied patient who has achieved his/her weight loss goals. His key to success is a well-developed surgical technique and quality medical care from beginning to end.

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