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Lap Band Surgery in Mexico


What is Lap Band Surgery and how is it performed?

Lap Band surgery, sometimes referred to as Gastric band surgery or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, involves placing a 1/2 inch medical grade “plastic-like” belt or collar around the top portion of the stomach via laparoscopy.

This creates a small pouch and a fixed outlet into the lower stomach; then the “tubing” of the band is connected to an “access port” (the size of a quarter) and it is fixed into your abdominal wall under the fat and skin for fills or adjustments.

Lap Band

The adjustable band, which was approved by the FDA in June 2001, can be filled with sterile saline. When saline is added, the outlet into the stomach is made smaller, which further restricts food from leaving the pouch.

If you are considering having your lap band surgery in mexico, Obesity Free is a great option since we have a great deal of experience with this weight loss procedure (quitar previo keyword si afecta en lugar de beneficiar y solo dejar la palabra procedure) and the follow up involved, we provide free fills with fluoroscopy machine for life to all our patients!

Lap Band surgery

There are two main companies that manufacture FDA approved bands in the U.S., the Lap-Band System made by Inamed (Allergan™) and the Realize Band made by Johnson & Johnson™. These are the only bands used by Dr. Rosales in his practice.

Watch out when being offered very low prices, you might be getting an unapproved and ineffective band!

Continue reading - Lap Band Pre Op phase.

Two main companies that manufacture FDA approved bands

We can perform your Lap Band Surgery in Monterrey, Piedras Negras or Laredo, depending on your preference and budget.

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About Dr. Rosales

Dr. Gabriel Rosales

Dr. Gabriel Rosales, a leading bariatric surgeon in Mexico and head of Obesity Free, is focused on the surgical treatment of patients who have struggled with excess weight for years. For Dr. Rosales, there is no better reward than having a satisfied patient who has achieved his/her weight loss goals. His key to success is a well-developed surgical technique and quality medical care from beginning to end.

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