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Dr. Gabriel Rosales is a highly skilled, board certified Bariatric Surgeon in México in constant pursuit of learning the latest innovations in the weight loss surgery field to give his patients the best care possible.

Although Dr. Rosales enjoys performing general surgery procedures, he has dedicated the past seven years of his life to helping obese patients regain their health and happiness through weight loss surgery.

He focused his career in the field when he realized that bariatric surgery procedures offer patients such a life-changing experience.

Throughout his career he has participated in more than 8000 gastric sleeve and Lap band procedures.

- Completed his general surgery and advanced laparoscopic residency at Christus Muguerza High Speciality Hospital a Joint Commission International accredited hospital.

- Multiple training courses in Mexico and USA.

- As an experienced weight loss surgeon in Piedras Negras, Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey, Mexico, he is highly regarded by his patients and peers a like.

These professional affiliations allow Dr. Rosales to remain on the leading-edge of developments in weight loss surgery, so that he can provide innovative, effective treatment to all of his patients. Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Rosales welcomes patients from throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada.Dr. Rosales takes pride in his work, and nothing gives him more satisfaction than the health, happiness, and joy that his patients are able to achieve following weight loss surgery.

Some of the most relevant points in Dr. Rosales' CV are:

- Dr. Gabriel Rosales obtained his medical degree from the Universidad de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
- He completed his residency in general surgery and advanced laparoscopy at the Hospital Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad hospital endorsed by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
- He completed his advanced training in laparoscopic skills at the Hospital Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad.
- Member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases (IFSO)
- Member of the American Society of Endoscopist Surgeons (ASMBS)
- Active Member of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) .
- Member of the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery.
- Belongs to the International Council of Medicine and Surgery based on the United States (International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS).
- Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery.
- Has completed multiple training courses in Mexico and the United States.
- Member of the surgical staff of the most recognized Hospitals in northern Mexico.
- As an experienced surgeon in obesity surgery in Monterrey, Piedras Negras and Laredo, he is recognized by his patients and colleagues.

If you want to know more about his experience and studies, you can download his CV here:

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Dr. Gabriel Rosales earned his medical degree at the Universidad de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredited university. (SACS from the U.S.)

He completed his residency in General Surgery at Christus Muguerza High Specialty Hospital.


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