Undergoing a bariatric procedure is not easy to decide, however from our own patients' experience we can tell you that practically for all of them, their main regret is not having made the decision before, because after the experience they live during the process of surgery, months later and years after, they discover that it is much simpler and enjoyable than what they could have imagined.


Here we present you a summary of several aspects to consider, both in relation to surgery and the idea of traveling to the city of Monterrey for your gastric sleeve surgery.


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About Monterrey City
Monterrey as the capital for bariatric surgery in México
Get to know our bariatric surgery hospital
Gastric Sleeve surgery costs in Monterrey
Recommendations on your trip for surgery
How will your Gastric Sleeve Surgery be like
Gastric Sleeve Results
Recommendations during your stay at the hotel
Recovery after gastric sleeve surgery



About Monterrey City

Monterrey is the third most important city in Mexico. It is also considered the cultural capital in the northwest of the country as it houses large museums such as the MARCO Museum, as well as offering a tour of the history of the Northwest region in the Regional Museum of Monterrey.


Ciudad de Monterrey.jpg


Another of its tourist attractions is Paseo Santa Lucía, which begins at the Museum of Mexican History and ends at Fundidora Park, which has many cultural and commercial areas. One of the favorite areas for tourists is the Old Quarter which is located behind the Monterrey Cathedral.


paseo santa lucia.jpg

Fuente: Parque Fundiora Paseo Santa Lucía


The city of Monterrey connects with many other cities in Mexico and the United States through the Mariano Escobedo International Airport, as well as the North Airport to which only private flights arrive. Monterrey can be reached through federal roads No.40, No.45 and No.47. The city is equipped with a Central Bus Station that receives passengers from the interior of the Republic.


Monterrey has 9 direct flights from nine major cities in the United States and is 2.5 hours from the border of Texas and Mexico, in fact the state of Nuevo Leon has border with the United States. For international patients being close to home after surgery is an advantage and brings peace of mind.



Monterrey as the capital for bariatric surgery in México

Monterrey is one of the strongest medical tourism points in Mexico, with over 50 surgeons dedicated to attending foreign patients, receiving dozens of patients a month thanks to its excellent costs and medical care quality quality similar to the US.


When asked, many of these patients on why they decided for Mexico and specifically for Monterrey, they often say that a decisive factor was when they learned that surgeries in Mexico had 40% lower costs unlike the United States and that Monterrey was an extremely close city to the border with first-class medical care.According to some colleagues Monterrey is the city where more bariatric surgeries are performed throughout Mexico.


Currently, 20% of the patients from hospitals in Monterrey come from other cities outside the metropolitan area of Monterrey.



Get to know our bariatric surgery hospital

The affiliation of Christus Muguerza Hospitals with an innovative system such as the Christus Health Group means that they operate similarly to hospital networks in the United States so they adhere to the highest standards offering excellent service of international quality.


The Christus Muguerza Hospital was one of the first hospitals in Latin America to receive certification by the Joint Commission International (JCI, which is a recognized leader in the world of patient health and safety).

At present the Christus Muguerza Conchita Hospital is governed by the strictest standards for performing bariatric procedures based on the Mexican Official Norm for obesity surgery.


hospital christus muguerza conchita.jpg

Hospital Christus Muguerza in Monterrey



Gastric Sleeve surgery costs in Monterrey

Mexico is considered one of the most popular countries today in terms of medical tourism. Mexican patients know perfectly well that private medicine in our country is of excellent quality.


The material specifically used in bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass must be of the best possible quality. The success or failure of the procedure (with success and failure we refer not to weight loss but to the presence or absence of complications during and after surgery) depends on the quality of this material.


The most important thing that we advise you on this subject is to make sure that the place where you decide to have your surgery is a hospital and not an ambulatory surgery center or a small clinic with 3 beds. In the event of an unforeseen event or complication, a place like that does not have the necessary infrastructure to serve you properly.


That is why although we offer a package and fixed prices, it is not an assembly line but a medical and surgical procedure that requires the individualization of each case; So there is a minimum of recommended evaluations and tests for patients. The key is to seek to offer the patient what they need for their maximum safety and not the lowest price to entice patients to choose one or another bariatric group.


Lodging the day before and after the procedure, as well as the ground transportation, are covered with an Obesity Free package. So patients who choose to perform the procedure with us should not worry about anything from the moment they arrive in the city they have chosen for their surgery (in the case that you chose Piedras Negras, Coahuila) there are no added or hidden charges at any time during your stay.


The details of everything that our service includes are in our gastric sleeve surgery packages in Mexico with the intention of giving a clear idea of package. As we have mentioned, the patient should not worry about anything from his arrival until his departure, even medications at discharge are included for our foreign patients.



Recommendations on your trip for surgery

Monterrey is the third largest city in the country and one of the most productive industrial centers in Mexico. Its most important airport is the one of OMA and occupies the fourth place in national level by the number of operations and passengers attended.


Frequently we are asked what measures patients should take during the flight after their gastric sleeve surgery, there really are not many necessary suggestions about it, the only thing we ask our patients is that if the flight lasts more than two hours, to ask permission to the flight attendant to let you walk in the aisle to stretch the legs and prevent the formation of blood clots in the lower extremities.

We also suggest you to carry a bottle of water or any clear liquid (we will explain to you at the time of discharge) so that you continue with your hydration after the surgery as you can imagine you will not be able to drink large sips the first few days after surgery.

Aside of this, the flight will really be for you as for any other person on board.



How will your Gastric Sleeve Surgery be like

The gastric sleeve surgery involves the removal of a portion of the stomach to reduce its capacity. After several studies and statistics it has been determined that the best results are obtained when about 70% of the stomach is removed, that portion of the stomach is extracted from the body and does not remain in the patient as in the gastric bypass.


The resection of 70% of the stomach is done vertically producing a tubular stomach, leaving it with the shape of the sleeve of a jacket, hence the name of the procedure. Gastric capacity is reduced significantly passing approximately (varies from person to person) from 1 to 1.5 quarts to only 3 to 4 ounces in capacity, which thus significantly reduces the space that the patient has for food intake.

Also, the fact of cutting the stomach and removing it from the body achieves a very considerable reduction of ghrelin hormone production, also known as the "hunger hormone" which is a neuropeptide released by cells in the stomach when it is empty. This hormone when released, causes a stimulus in the brain that lets the person know that is hungry and causes the very well known sensation of "emptiness" in the stomach, increases gastric acid secretion and motility in preparation for food intake.


When the stomach is stretched by the presence of food, the production and release of ghrelin stops, reducing appetite stimulation, which is why gastric sleeve surgery gives the results obtained in relation to weight loss, not only restricting the amount of food the patient can eat but also reducing the sensation of appetite or prolonging the feeling of fullness for longer periods of time.


This procedure achieves a significant weight loss as it helps the patient to ingest smaller amounts of food and the food they eat is sufficient to cause fullness sensation for a longer period time.


Gastric Sleeve Results

  • Weight Loss is similar to gastric bypass
  • It is a pure restrictive procedure making it difficult to develop nutritional deficiencies to the patient.
  • It is a short duration procedure in experienced hands.
  • Achieves adequate control of diabetes.
  • Achieves adequate control of high blood pressure and other obesity related diseases.
  • Much lower risk of complications in the medium and long term.
  • Low rate of complications in the short term.
  • Very low mortality rate.

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Recommendations during your stay at the hotel

The Hampton Inn Monterrey / Gallerias-Obispado hotel is located near corporate parks, to our Christus Muguerza hospital and other local attractions. So at Obesity Free we will take care of everything for your lodging here.


Another advantage is that your hotel it is located only 25 minutes from General Mariano Escobedo International Airport and has a complimentary shuttle service within a 15-kilometer radius.

Room service is available from nearby restaurants and various amenities such as:

  • 32 Inch LCD TV’s
  • Ergonomic desk chairs
  • LapDesk (laptop computar base)
  • Sofa/bed
  • 24-hour complimentary freshly brewed coffee service (for your companion)
  • Free WiFi access
  • Complimentary wired Internet access
  • Outdoor pool and fitness center

During your stay in the hotel and hospital, the only thing that will insist for you to make sure to take all your belongings.


After surgery we will explain everything you need to know about recovery, the most important thing is to mobilize as soon as possible leaving the bed and your room to avoid complications such as blood clots or respiratory problems.


Regarding the clothes to pack we advise you to bring:

If your trip is in summer:

  • Short pants
  • Flips flops
  • Unscreen
  • Short sleeve shirts

If your trip is in Winter:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve shirts
  •  Sweater
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Boots


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Recovery after gastric sleeve surgery

About the gastric sleeve recovery time, the patient can walk on its own just 3 to 4 hours after surgery without difficulties, therefore the patient can be independent the very same day of surgery.

As in every surgical procedure it is recommended to have relative rest and not to undergo any strong physical efforts or situations that involve physical stress during the first weeks after surgery.

In regards of hospital stay, the minimum recommended stay is 2 days inside the hospital facility to keep the patient under proper observation since the first 48 hours after surgery are crucial to keep the patient comfortable with the aid of medication to help control the main postoperative symptoms of the gastric sleeve and to make sure the patient is in good condition to go back home.

The fear of suffering a lot of pain after gastric sleeve surgery, is such a common concern that we’ve decided to delve a little on the subject.


The answer to this question is: No, there will not be extreme pain, it will be moderate and easily controlled with medications administered during the first hours after surgery.


Based on personal experience from our patients, (pain intensity varies from one patient to another since the pain threshold is different for each one of us) but our patients are often surprised at how just a few hours after having undergone a major procedure they can feel so good. Some even, jokingly, ask if they really have been operated.


In the case of an office job or any other kind of job that is not physically demanding, the patient can go back to work between 5 to 7 days after the surgery

With all the above described, we believe that you will now have a much clearer perspective on what will happen on your trip and how your recovery will be after the procedure, however, we are at your disposal for any clarification you need, do not hesitate to contact us though any means you deem appropriate.


The gastric sleeve procedure in México is totally safe, we invite you to get a free evaluation with us and share your questions about the gastric sleeve cost in México, side effects, etc. to our email: info@obesityfree.com



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