Nowadays, we all have a very busy life, full of activities and responsibilities: work, school, sons, housework, sport activities, socialization and many other things that we don’t want or can’t leave behind.


Due to this, one of the most frequent questions from our patients is about the gastric sleeve surgery recovery time and how this recovery time will affect those daily activities immediately after surgery and in the mid and long term.


From the multiple bariatric procedures available in these days, the gastric sleeve is one of the procedures that require the least time for recovery.


In this post you will in information related to the following topics:




Out of surgery


The patient can walk on its own just 3 to 4 hours after surgery without difficulties, therefore the patient can be independent the very same day of surgery.

As in every surgical procedure it is recommended to have relative rest and not to undergo any strong physical efforts or situations that involve physical stress during the first weeks after surgery.



How long is the hospital stay after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


In regards of hospital stay, the minimum recommended stay is 2 days inside the hospital facility to keep the patient under proper observation since the first 48 hours after surgery are crucial to keep the patient comfortable with the aid of medication to help control the main postoperative symptoms of the gastric sleeve and to make sure the patient is in good condition to go back home.



Most common symptoms after Surgery 


The most common symptoms after gastric sleeve surgery tend to be nausea, tightness or pressure sensation in the upper abdomen and/or  lower chest and pain in the left portion of the abdominal wall under the ribcage, this tolerable discomforts usually last between 5 and 24 hours but are perfectly manageable with the aid of medications.


After the first 24-36 hours the patient can do practically what he/she is used to do on a daily basis, adopting the new eating habits to the new lifestyle that is intended which will be much easier thanks to the great tool that the gastric sleeve represents. Every surgeon will ask you to undergo a special post operative diet in order to prevent extra discomfort or complications in the first weeks after surgery. This diet will vary from one surgeon to another.



Gastric Sleeve time off work: When to go back


In the case of an office job or any other kind of job that is not physically demanding, the patient can go back to work between 5 to 7 days after the surgery.


In case of having a job that demands physical stress or constant efforts such as lifting heavy things it is recommended to stay off such activities for 30 days, a good way to remember this is to avoid lifting more that 30 lbs for the first 30 days.

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Patients who went to another city or country to have surgery


Patients who have gone to another city or country to have their surgery done, could consider traveling back home after 2 whole days of observation in the bariatric hospital or bariatric clinic.

Thanks to this, those who want to have gastric sleeve surgery in México will not have too many problems when traveling to this country to have surgery.


In relation to the gastric sleeve recovery time, the most relevant thing to consider is following the postoperative diet and every indication and suggestion made by your bariatric surgeon. The topic related to the diet after surgery is discussed in detail with the patient before the procedure is done and you could read the most relevant aspects of this diet in our post about the Basic Aspects of the gastric sleeve postoperative diet.


The gastric sleeve procedure in México is totally safe, we invite you to get a free evaluation with us and share your questions about the gastric sleeve cost in México, side effects, etc. to our email:



Written by: Gabriel Rosales

Dr. Gabriel Rosales is a highly skilled, board certified surgeon in constant pursuit of learning the latest innovations in the weight loss surgery field to give his patients the best care possible.